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Finding Stillness in Motion: My Journey from Restlessness to Yoga Teacher

Do you ever feel like you're living life at a sprinter's pace, constantly on the go, but deep down, something feels amiss? That was my reality. As a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, my days have been a whirlwind of activity, coaching, and perpetual motion.

In fact, my whole life had been a constant stream of motion, a pace that suited my ADHD-driven mind,... until it didn't anymore. I hit roadblocks—career aspirations I couldn't chase due to an inability to focus, frequent injuries from constantly pushing myself without adequate recovery time, and the advice of doctors and therapists echoing in my ears to "Slow down. Breathe. Find calm outside the chaos" But to be honest... I didn't know how!

People told me - "try yoga." So I did. But Yoga classes felt like a labyrinth I couldn't navigate. Pose names I didn't understand, and staying still was a challenge beyond words. I didn't grasp the significance of holding a posture or the purpose of those tranquil moments at the end of class. I'd often leave feeling more restless & agitated than when I arrived.

But the limits I was feeling in my life due to the inability to calm down or focus were piling up. It was time for change!

Change began with a decision, a leap into a yoga teacher training program I thought I'd prepare for in a year, only to find myself enrolled in one in Thailand with just five days' notice. Little did I know, this spontaneous turn would redefine my understanding of yoga and, more significantly, myself.

aerial yoga

The training wasn't just about learning yoga poses; it was about discovering breathwork, meditation, and the profound impact they could have on my restless mind. For the first time, I found solace in stillness, realizing the toll my frenetic lifestyle had taken on my body, mind & my relationships. My life of chaos was costing me a higher price than I had ever imagined.

Those weeks of in-person training from 7am-7pm every day were among the hardest things I have ever done. It was physically challenging, but even more so was the mental challenge. Finishing those 150 hours felt like an enormous accomplishment in my life. But completing the training wasn't the end; it was a new beginning. I still had 50 additional hours of online learning to do at home. The fact that I was able to get through 50 hours of philosophy, anatomy, analytics and testing was a testament to the transformation I'd undergone.

Now, I step into the new arena of teaching yoga and integrating its principles into my own fitness regimen. My teaching philosophy is that Fitness is a path to experiencing life to its fullest. I look forward to expanding the definition of fitness to include more self awareness, connection and balance for myself and my clients. My goal is to help others find their unique balance in training for strength, mobility, and maybe most importantly, peace of mind. I strongly believe that balance is the key to helping us all live our lives more fully.


Special Thanks Ulu Yoga for providing an awesomely diverse yoga teacher training, and to my patient instructors Stacey Kim (@yoga.with.stacey) & Janine Behrendt (@TulaFlowYoga).



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