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Meet Tamara:

I've been working in the fitness and recreation industry for the past 25 years. With a degree in Recreation Management, I've had the incredible opportunity to lead and inspire individuals in various fitness disciplines.

Throughout my career, I've guided both youth and adults in fitness, gymnastics, water sports instruction, and high adventure trips. I've taken my passion for fitness beyond traditional exercise routines, embarking on exciting journeys locally and internationally.


With certifications including ACE group fitness, NAFC Personal Training, Precision Nutrition,  Yoga Teacher Training 200hr, TRX suspension training, Red Cross Water Safety, SoulBody Barre, Mossa, BASE Barre, FitTour Pilates, AquaFit, and Myofascial Release, I'm equipped with a diverse range of qualifications to address your fitness needs.

My primary focuses revolve around strength training, nutrition coaching, core strength development, mobility training, weight management, and promoting overall whole-body wellness.

When I'm not coaching, you'll find me adventuring outdoors with my husband and three kids & capturing moments through my camera lens. I believe in helping others reach their goals both inside and outside the gym, and I find tremendous fulfillment in witnessing the transformation of those I guide.

Join me on a transformative fitness journey that goes beyond traditional workouts. 


My Fitness Philosophy


I believe fitness to be a path to experiencing life to its fullest.  

I specialize in empowering individuals to build strength, confidence, and feel good in their bodies. Through personalized weight training programs, I create a body-positive training environment that focuses on self-acceptance while supporting positive changes towards fitness goals. 


With the belief that fitness is a path to experiencing life to its fullest, I take a well-rounded approach that extends beyond the gym. By inspiring individuals to connect with nature and explore fitness travel opportunities, I blend indoor training with exhilarating outdoor adventures. This unique combination sparks self-discovery, ignites inner strength, and empowers individuals on their fitness journey.

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