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Swimming Lessons



To learn about last minute pop-up swim lessons follow @TrainingwithTamara on Instagram or join our private Facebook Group.

Our swim lessons provide a non-competitive, safe atmosphere for your child to build confidence and skill in the water. Lessons are designed to give children a positive, developmentally appropriate aquatic learning experience. Each class is a carefully balanced set of activities including skill work, swimming, submersion, floating, and games. Currently our lessons are only for beginning swimmers  ages 4mo-8yrs.

We look forward to empowering your children in the pool!

Summer Swim Lesson Options:

Beach Ball in Pool

For ages 6mo - 4 yrs with a  caregiver

15 min lesson - $20

30 min lesson - $40

Parent / Child Lessons

For babies, toddlers & pre-school aged children who learn better in the arms of a parent or caregiver.


Our parent/child swim lessons build swimming readiness by emphasizing fun in the water.


For this level we offer on-going classes as well as 1 time workshops. You & your child participate in guided class sessions that help children learn elementary skills, including water entry, bubble blowing, front kicking, back floating, underwater exploration and more.


Adult accompaniment in the water is required. 


For ages 3-8yrs

15 min Lessons - $20

30 min Lessons - $40

Beginning Private Swim Lessons

For beginner swimmers ages 3-8yrs.


Come explore, sing, submerge, float, and swim as we learn about water safety with our 3 – 8yr olds.


Lessons are designed to give young children a positive, developmentally appropriate aquatic learning experience. Each class is a carefully balanced set of activities including skill work, swimming, submersion, floating, and games. 

15 min lessons are ideal for:

  • Little kiddos who get cold easily.

  • Families that want to book multiple lessons in a week.

  • Kids with short attention spans.

30 min lessons are ideal for:

  • Kids who take longer getting used to their environment.

  • Kids with fear of water.

  • Kids who want to spend as much time as possible in the water.


For all ages

Snorkeling Instruction

Whether you're off to warm exotic places, exploring our Oregon Coastal waters or just playing in nearby lakes, snorkeling can be a fantastic adventure!


Learning to snorkel or simply brushing up on your snorkeling skills, is often easier than learning how to swim. Snorkeling incorporates three pieces of equipment: a mask, snorkel, and set of fins.


Becoming comfortable wearing your mask and learning to: breathe through your snorkel, clear your snorkel, and effectively use your fins are all skills that most beginning swimmers can learn in just one or two lessons.


Meet your Instructors


Tamara Smith

Tamara has been teaching children to swim for 20+ years and is certified with American Red Cross as a Water Safety Instructor & Lifeguard.  Primary Focuses: Beginning swimmers & helping children overcome fear of water.


Ali Van De Graaff

Ali has been coaching beginner - advanced swimmers for 8+ years.  She is a mother of 4 with a background in swim team. Her positive energy & connection with kids keeps students coming back year after year!

Note to Parents

Your child will never be forced underwater to meet parent or teacher agendas! We will meet your child at his/her level, build trust, encourage and demonstrate the joy of underwater swimming!


We have had years of success using our methods. We hope you'll embrace and mirror these strategies wherever your water adventures may take you.

Pricing & Location

  • $20/lesson - private 1-1, 15 min.

  • $40/lesson - private 1-1, 30 min.

  • $30/lesson - semi private, 2-1, 15 min.

  • $70/lesson - semi private 2-1, 30 min.

** Please note - semi private lessons are designed for 2 children at roughly the same swimming level. 

We use a private, saltwater pool off of Park St. in Ashland.  Directions will be sent to you with all the

additional details you need before your first swim lesson.



Stephanie S.

Tamara took so much time working to help my son overcome his fear of water! I can't thank you enough. We'll be back next summer.

Megan D.

My daughter has taken lessons all over the Valley for the past 7 years. She's hated them all.  We almost gave up on trying. The we finally got a spot with Tamara.  Tamara flipped the switch for my daughter.  Not only is she no longer fearful, swimming is now one of her favorite things to do.

Melissa H.

Ali is so great with my kids in the pool. Her level of patience is remarkable. My kids look forward to every single lesson and leave feeling on top of the world. Thank you Ali!

Questions about Swimming Lessons?

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