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Online & In-person
Fitness & Nutrition Coaching


8-Week Challenges
Your Schedule, Our Guidance - Empowering Your Strength Journey

Join our exclusive 8-week  strength training challenge, where you'll experience remote, personalized coaching and support to help you reach your training goals like never before.

NEXT CHALLENGE DATES: April 1 - May 27, 2024

This Challenge is for YOU if:

  • You want help being consistant with your workouts & establishing lasting habits.

  • You are new to weight training & want form guidance & accountability.

  • You thrive on solo workouts.but occasionally crave expert guidance!

  • You have weight training experience but want a smarter, results driven program.

  • You want to transform your body composition, tone up or gain strength.

  • You want to lose fat in a healthy & sustainable way.

  • You like working out from home & have access to dumbbells & resistance bands.

  • You have access to a gym or fitness center.

  • You want to feel stronger inside & out.


Learn more details HERE!


Whether you're a novice, intermediate or advanced weight lifter, if you are seeking accountability, structure, or that extra push, this challenge is tailor-made for you.

Iron Lifting
Senior Physiotherapy

Personal Training
In-person training in Ashland & Medford, Oregon

Personal training sessions are used to motivate & guide you to train towards your physical fitness goals. ​


With customized plans, I'll help you improve energy, strength, flexibility, mobility, eating habits and most importantly your confidence. 


Workout with me in-person in my private studio in Ashland or at Superior Athletic Club in Medford.  Or take your training program with you to the gym, your home, or any location with our easy to use mobile app.

Latino adult couple of man and woman exercise at home taking online class they see the lap

Online Training
Conveniently delivered to your mobile device

Your online fitness and nutrition coaching programs are designed with your current condition and goals in mind while considering your access to workout equipment, experience, and food preferences.  


Follow along with your program on your mobile device or print a hard copy to take with you wherever in the world you may be.


Online training can include a mix of live training, and home/gym work with easy to follow video instructions and accountability checks.

Latino adult couple of man and woman exercise at home taking online class they see the lap
Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Ex-pat & Traveler Training
Specialized programming for your location & climate!

Traveling and living abroad can pose many challenges. Sometimes language barriers, climate, social gaps or even transportation make taking fitness classes locally difficult.

Having lived, and traveled in 42 countries around the world, I hear you!  Even as a professional in the fitness industry I still find joining local classes or finding local trainers challenging.


Let me help you stay active with fitness plans that take into account your current living situation, climate, available space, equipment (or lack there-of) & abilities.  Customized programming can be for 1 or more people in the same class.


Drew, Oregon

I started working with Tamara over a year ago for personal training, and I cannot recommend her highly enough! My personal health has increased exponentially in a dozen different ways since I started--it's literally been a life-changing experience.

Bertie & Lars, Hawaii

My husband and I are 79 and 82 years old.  We needed help working on balance.  We started with Tamara in her studio in Ashland.  But when the opportunity came for us to move to Hawaii we switched to online sessions.  We didn't want to stop our work with  Tamara when we moved. She keeps us on our toes!

Allison, Costa Rica

I frequently have to travel for work.  Sometimes I am gone for weeks at a time and don't want to stop working out for that whole time or it's so hard to get back into things when I get home.  
Tamara  meets with me via FaceTime and sends me workouts on my app that I can follow with little to no equipment.  The app is so easy to use and has videos for all the things I forget how to do!
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