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8-Week Challenges: Your Schedule, Our Guidance - Empowering Your Strength Journey

Join our exclusive 8-week strength training challenge, where you'll experience remote, personalized coaching and support to help you reach your training goals like never before.

NEXT CHALLENGE DATES: Oct. 9 - Dec 1, 2023


This Challenge is for YOU if:

  • You thrive on solo workouts.but occasionally crave expert guidance!

  • You have weight training experience but want a smarter, results driven program..

  • You are new to weight training & want form guidance & accountability.

  • You want to transform your body composition, tone up or gain strength.

  • You want to lose fat in a healthy & sustainable way.

  • You like working out from home & have access to dumbbells & resistance bands.

  • You have access to a gym or fitness center.

  • You want to feel stronger inside & out.

Whether you're a novice, intermediate or advanced weight lifter, if you are seeking accountability, structure, or that extra push, this challenge is tailor-made for you.

How it Works:

  • Join the Challenge: Kickstart your fitness journey by signing up for the challenge today! Sign up Online HERE before Sept. 25!

  • Personalized Onboarding: Schedule a 30-minute onboarding call with Certified Personal Trainer & PN1 Nutrition coach, Tamara Smith. She'll guide you through the challenge and answer any questions you have.

  • Access Your Program from Anywhere: Gain instant access to your workout program via our user-friendly web app.

  • Flexible Training: Work out on your terms! The challenge has 3 days of programming included. Train any day of the week, from home or your favorite gym, at a time that suits your schedule.

  • Track Your Progress: Use our app to log your workout results effortlessly. It's your fitness diary at your fingertips!

  • Expert Support: Send in any questions or form check videos. Get expert answers and valuable feedback on the same day to improve your form and performance.

  • Community Support: Access our private Facebook group for ongoing community encouragement from others who are also training with Tamara.

  • Payment Options: I want to make this challenge affordable for most people. $2.60/day for all the programming & support this challenge comes with is a great deal. Your $149 payment can be sent via Venmo or PayPal when you sign up.

  • Celebrating Your Success: After 8 weeks of dedication and hard work, we'll share success stories, recognize milestones & celebrate your commitment to becoming the best version of yourself. Together, we'll commemorate this incredible journey and look forward to the continued strides you'll make in your fitness and well-being.


Looking for more individualized help during this challenge? Here are 3 options to help you get even more from participating in this challenge. (Please note, Personal Training rates apply)

  • Customized Nutrition Guidance: Maximize your results with personalized macro calculations and nutrition advice.

  • Injury-Friendly Modifications: We cater to all needs! Receive exercise modifications if you're dealing with movement limitations or injury.

  • Real Time Support: For those craving more, opt for in-person or online support sessions with Tamara Smith weekly or bi-weekly.

Join our community of motivated individuals, and let's crush your strength training goals together! This is your chance to make a lasting change and unveil a stronger, more empowered YOU!


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