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8-Week Challenges: Your Schedule, Our Guidance - Empowering Your Strength Journey

Join our exclusive 8-week EMPOWER-U strength training challenge, where you'll experience remote, personalized coaching and support to help you reach your training goals like never before.

NEXT CHALLENGE DATES: April 1 - May 27, 2024

This Challenge is for YOU if:

  • You thrive on solo workouts.but occasionally crave expert guidance!

  • You have weight training experience but want a smarter, results driven program..

  • You are new to weight training & want form guidance & accountability

  • You want help being consistant with your workouts & establishing lasting habits.

  • You want to transform your body composition, tone up or gain strength.

  • You want to lose fat in a healthy & sustainable way.

  • You like working out from home & have access to dumbbells & resistance bands.

  • You have access to a gym or fitness center.

  • You want to feel stronger inside & out.

Whether you're a novice, intermediate or advanced weight lifter, if you are seeking accountability, structure, or that extra push, this challenge is tailor-made for you.

How it Works:

  • Join the Challenge: Kickstart your fitness journey by signing up for the challenge today! Sign up Online HERE before March 25, 2024.

  • Personalized Onboarding: Schedule a 30-minute onboarding & Assessment video call with Certified Personal Trainer & PN1 Nutrition coach, Tamara Smith. She'll guide you through a movement & postural assessment, and answer any questions you have about the challenge.

  • Access Your Program from Anywhere: Gain instant access to your workout program via our user-friendly web app.

  • Flexible Training: Work out on your terms! The challenge has 3 days of programming included. Train any day of the week, from home or your favorite gym, at a time that suits your schedule.

  • Track Your Progress: Use our app to log your workout results effortlessly. It's your fitness diary at your fingertips!

  • Expert Support: Send in any questions or form check videos. Get expert answers and valuable feedback on the same day to improve your form and performance.

  • Community Support: Access our private Facebook group for ongoing community encouragement from others who are also training with Tamara.

  • Payment Options: I want to make this challenge affordable for most people. $2.60/day for all the programming & support this challenge comes with is a great deal. Your $149 payment can be sent via credit card when you sign up.

  • Celebrating Your Success: After 8 weeks of dedication and hard work, we'll share success stories, recognize milestones & celebrate your commitment to becoming the best version of yourself. Together, we'll commemorate this incredible journey and look forward to the continued strides you'll make in your fitness and well-being.


Looking for more individualized help during this challenge? Here are 4 options to help you get even more from participating in this challenge. (Please note, Personal Training rates apply)

  • Customized Nutrition Guidance: Maximize your results with personalized macro calculations and nutrition advice.

  • Injury-Friendly Modifications: We cater to all needs! Receive exercise modifications if you're dealing with movement limitations or injury.

  • Real Time Support: For those craving more, opt for in-person or online support sessions with Tamara Smith weekly or bi-weekly.

  • In-Body Scan: Witness your transformation with a body composition scan before and after the challenge. This option is only available to participants in the Rogue Valley.

Join our community of motivated individuals, and let's crush your strength training goals together! This is your chance to make a lasting change and unveil a stronger, more empowered YOU!

Client WINS from previous Challenges:

"I am proud that I did it and stuck with it! I was having such a hard time motivating to get started again, and now have been consistently weight training for 8 weeks!"

"My energy has increased tenfold. Also, to be honest, the weird extra fat around my waste that suddenly popped up when I turned 50 seems to be disappearing."

"Several wins….3 workouts a week, going outside my comfort zone and trying new exercises, speaking up when I had knee pain or couldn’t do something bc of my should and finding alternative exercises…not just giving up since I can’t do this or that and learning how important rests are between sets."

"I feel stronger and more confident in that strength. While I would have liked to have lost a few pounds, that wasn't the priority of this. I was able to challenge myself and go to a yoga class that I was insecure about because I had more confidence in my own strength."

"I'm proud that I stuck with it until the end and I realized how much better I feel with resistance training (rather than just cardio) back in my schedule."

"Feeling stronger and more confident with trying new exercises and seeing the benefits of trying new exercises."

"I lost inches and a few lbs! I lost 2” off hips, 1.5” off waist, chest same, .5” off each bicep and 1” off each thigh -6.5” total and lost 3.8lbs. I could tell about halfway through the challenge I was toning up because my scrubs were fitting better. If you’ve ever worn scrubs, some brands DO NOT give!!"

"I'm actually a little disappointed with myself that I wasn't more focused on the challenge, but im still proud i stuck woth it. Its part of my schedule now so I look forward to continuing."

"I'm just happy this challenge gave me a way to get my workouts in even when traveling for work."



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