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Training with Tamara

Train Smarter - Live Better

Offering you customized training programs to:

  • ✔️ Improve your quality of life

  • ✔️ Increase your energy

  • ✔️ Take control of your fitness & nutrition

  • ✔️ Support your active lifestyle

  • ✔️ Encourage your Mind-Body Connection

  • ✔️ Help you feel more comfortable & confident in your body


My Fitness Philosophy


Fitness is a path to experiencing life to its fullest.  



My name is Tamara Smith

I specialize in empowering individuals to build strength, confidence, connection and feel good in their bodies. Through personalized weight training programs, I create a body-positive training environment that focuses on self-acceptance while supporting positive changes towards fitness goals. 


With the belief that fitness is a path to experiencing life to its fullest, I take a well-rounded approach that extends beyond the gym. By inspiring individuals to connect with nature and explore fitness travel opportunities, I blend indoor training with exhilarating outdoor adventures. This unique combination sparks self-discovery, ignites inner strength, and empowers individuals on their fitness journey.

If you're looking for ways to live your life to it's fullest, reach out!  Let's make it happen together.
Kettlebell Workout

My Methods

Yoga at a lake

✔️  Workouts that are enjoyable!

✔️  Accountability check-ins

✔️  Smart program design

✔️  Nutrition with Awareness

✔️  Mind-Body Mastery 

❌  NO quick fixes!

❌  NO restrictive dieting!


Suzanne C.

Tamara’s circuit training class offers a total body workout that burns calories and builds muscle. The environment is fun and supportive, and there’s plenty of variety so I never get bored. She offers modifications to the exercises, if you need more or less of a challenge or have an injury. Tamara also offers optional fitness challenges outside of class, which provide a fun way to stay motivated. Tamara has helped me get stronger and more fit than ever before. I love going to her classes and always feel great!

Christina R.

Tamara is a MARVEL! Her training style infuses SO much heart along side her tailormade physical challenges. She has taught me to be gentle with myself, reminds me to listen to my body at all times and to truly appreciate the journey back to strength, improved balance and all around wellness. Her whole body circuit training is JUST what I needed to wake my inner glow. I highly recommend working with Tamara no matter your current fitness level.

Victoria S.

My experience Training with Tamara has exceeded my expectations! I discovered 6+yrs post pregnancy that my abdominal muscles separated and never came back together, which was causing my back to go out randomly and painfully.
Where I was impressed and grateful in Training with Tamara that she not only that she targeted the area of weakness, but she incorporated additional techniques to work the area, taught me a breath pattern to engage the muscles, she researched the exercises that were off limits for my specific situation, and truly tailored a program for me.

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