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Facing my fear of the ocean!

ocean fears

Little known fact - 25 years ago I was deathly afraid of the ocean. When I put on a mask and snorkel I would hyperventilate and panic. I was scared of the water and everything in it!

So... naturally I took a job in the Florida Keys guiding teens on snorkeling, kayaking, and deep sea fishing adventures!

adventures beyond borders SCUBA

2 years later I took a job on Catalina Island teaching marine biology and again, leading kids through ocean-based adventures. Only this time, I pushed myself a step further and got SCUBA certified. It took me aproximatly 3 months to complete my SCUBA certification because I was so freaked out! (Most people get certified in less than a week!)

learn to snorkel adventures beyond borders

Since those days I’ve been snorkeling and SCUBA diving all over the world in a variety of conditions and ocean tempratures. I certified as an American Red Cross water safety instructor (a.k.a - swim coach) . And I've guided countless kids and adults through swimming and snorkeling fears. I can not get enough of the ocean and everything in it!

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For the past 20 years I’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of children learn to swim and overcome their fear of water. I feel richly rewarded when the stories come rolling in of successful family trips to rivers, lakes and oceans where these kids realize how amazing the underwater world can be!

I share this story for a few reasons. First, no matter how old or young a person is, when they come to me with a fear of water, I get it!! Not only do I get it, but I've worked with enough people over the years with different variations of fear that I feel confidant in helping others through it!

Second, I'm just feeling grateful for the beautiful underwater world & I look forward to sharing it with anyone who will join me!! Whether it's through swimming lessons or an amazing fitness retreat in the Caribbean, I'm so excited to share my passion for swimming and water with you!

What is a fear you have faced and conquered?

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