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Self-Doubt to Self-Love: Christina's Inspiring Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle

Need some Weekend Motivation? Just spend an hour with Christina & you’ll have it! But … for those of you who don’t get the pleasure of hanging with her in real life, read her story! She’s an inspiration!


“This was me Summer 2019, 160+ lbs., tired all the time. I convinced myself, like so many of us do, that I ONLY had time and energy for my kids’ needs. I was doing “ok,” but, I was avoiding mirrors and my internal speak was in a downward spiral.

Skip ahead to March 2020, ALL the go-go-go that filled my days had stopped. There was no more external validation to hold me up, no more distraction. I had the added motivation of my daughter beginning her journey through puberty. I wanted to model a healthy body image and get there in a healthy way! I used this pandemic pause in life to work toward healing generational wounds on body image and what it means to be beautiful.

I started my weight loss journey with the assistance of NOOM. The program was the perfect pandemic pastime. It helped keep me on track, focus on being mindful about food consumption as fuel and best of all it produced results. It was those results that helped me on the next stage of my journey…exercise.

I began circuit training twice a week with Tamara in January 2021. I committed to giving it my best even though I felt VERY out of shape, off balance and scared to fail. These classes soon became the highlight of my week and set me on a path to keep reaching for new fitness goals. Most recently I added weekly Pilates at Inward Bound. I can see results in my physique and I don’t obsess about the scale. I can FEEL I am fit. THAT is such a huge shift. I feel happy in my skin!

This new lifestyle is a game changer. My kids are beyond excited to see me be active, they love the physical challenges I bring home and join in alongside me. This really is the gift that keeps giving."


Thank you Christina for sharing your story!


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