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The Joy of Aqua Fitness: Uniting Fun & Fitness at Superior Athletic Club

pool aerobics in Medford Oregon

One of the highlights of my week is stepping onto the pool deck at Superior Athletic Club for our aqua fitness class. I can't help but feel excited as I prepare to join the amazing group of individuals who make every class an absolute blast. They are not just participants; they're a fun-loving, all-ages bunch who never fail to brighten my day.

Working with this group is an absolute joy. They bring an infectious energy that fills the pool with laughter and camaraderie. As we move and groove to the rhythm of the music, they uplift one another with their hilarious jokes and light-hearted banter. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and it's hard not to find myself laughing along with them as we make waves in the pool!

Our aqua fitness class has grown steadily, and it's a testament to the incredible spirit of this group. While we typically have around 32 people attending each class, we recently hit a record-breaking 42 participants. The pool was buzzing with excitement, and it was a sight to behold. It's moments like these that highlight the sense of community we've built—a community that welcomes everyone with open arms, eager to share the joy of movement and friendship.

Joining our aqua fitness class means joining a group of people who know how to have a good time while getting fit. Whether you're a seasoned participant or new to the world of aqua fitness, you'll find a warm and supportive atmosphere that encourages you to safely push your limits and embrace the joy of the journey.

Come on down to Superior Athletic Club and be a part of our vibrant aqua fitness family. Together, we'll laugh, sweat, and make every class an experience!

Notes from the Pool Deck:

"496 calories burned in one hour of Aqua fitness @superiorathleticclub and… I WASN’T EVEN IN THE POOL!!!

Yeah… that’s alllll sweat! We are NOT playing around in this class. We are working! Hard!"

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